The Purpose of Deacons

First Baptist Cleveland is Jesus-ruled and Bible-governed. The church is Pastor/Staff-led, Deacon-served, lay team operated and congregationally approved. The church is member-gifted and ministerially focused on fulfilling the Great Commission. 

Servant leadership is the primary purpose of a Deacon at First Baptist Cleveland. Deacons serve in a myriad of important ministry roles, including encouragement, prayer, visitation, pastoral care and practical help in areas related to serving the church body and community.

Biblical Qualifications

In the Bible, specific qualities are listed as requirements to serve as a Deacon. Many of these qualities are found in I Timothy chapter 3, but can be summed up in a short list.

  • Church Membership
  • Husband of one wife
  • Follower of Jesus
  • Actively serving in the church
  • History of giving
  • A person who lives above reproach.

Deacons Currently Serving:

Dan Allison

Shane Gibson

Seth Gouzward

Mike Iosia

Mike Sharp - Chairman

Wes Smith

Jim Tindal

Mark Tipton

Chris Wilds - Vice Chairman

Nat Akiona

Curtis Crumbley

J.R. Fulbright

Thomas Fulbright

Sam Greene

Dave Gregory

Chad Grisham

Benny Kirksey

Mark Pirkle

Jim Smith

Tommy Walker - Secretary

Derrick Burrell

Shane Clark

Pat Ensley

Chris Green

David Hicks

Jim Kerr

Bob McKay

John McIntosh

Don Sims

Drew Akins

David Chaffin

Adam Elder

Melvin Elder

Dave Luzader

Jim Scott

Steven Thompson

Ken Wallace

Mike Wallace

Andy Williams

John Maupin

Matt Sharp

Eric Houston