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I/We believe that this is a defining moment in the history of First Baptist Cleveland. I/We prayerfully commit to step out in faith and commit the following above my/our regular tithe.

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Phase 2 has been projected to cost either the same amount as Phase 1 ($26m) or a little more. Eleven years after Phase 1 began, we are now extending the commons, adding kids, and preschool space.

There are some things people cannot do, but God can do anything.
Jesus Christ, Matthew 19:26 (CEV)

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Begin praying today about your involvement in Phase 2. The Generations Phase 2 Campaign is continuing with 3 year commitments completing toward the end of 2025.  

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  1. Navigate to online giving site via:
  2. Click Sign Up
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  13. Click make donation

Learn more about the project by watching videos from a Leadership Event, Vision Night or Family Meeting.

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