The Beginning

On July 15, 1857, thirteen people knew God had called them to start a new church. Since then, the faith story of First Baptist Cleveland has been generation after generation moving forward together in faith.

The original 2008 multi-phase master plan

The original 2008 multi-phase master plan

In 2008, during the height of the Great Recession, the comprehensive master plan of the Generations Campaign laid the ground work for relocating and expanding the ministries of First Baptist Cleveland by leaving the downtown Cleveland facility for land on Stuart Road. The original master plan envisioned a facility supporting 4,000 people after all four phases were complete.

We have never been accused of thinking too big. Maybe it's time that someone accuses us of thinking too big.
Dr. Allan Lockerman, 2005


Phase 2

On Vision Sunday, November 10, 2019, Pastor Jordan Easley presented the continued vision of the Generations Campaign with a look at Phase 2 and how it will benefit every generation from newborns to senior adults.

Generations Phase 2, Level 1

Generations Phase 2, Level 1

Phase Two will add numerous new areas to the Main Campus facilities including a new 2,500 seat worship center, an admin building for staff members, an expanded Commons with a fountain baptistry and a Café open throughout the week, a new kids building and playground with age specific worship venues, an outdoor courtyard, new adult education space, and a new senior adult wing.

Additionally, students will move into the current (Phase 1) Worship Center. This space will remain multi-use for weddings, funerals, and overflow, but will be retrofitted in the future to become a home base for students.

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Where there is no vision, the people perish...
Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

Current Lids

Most of the "lids" right now are in regards to available space.

  • 600 teenagers are meeting off-campus at the YMCA. Students had to be split into two separate times and are at capacity in both hours.
  • 200 senior adults are meeting off-campus at the Senior Center on Sunday mornings. Many do not have the energy go to a small group in one location and worship in another.
  • Elementary kids only has 8 classrooms to host 550 kids on Sunday mornings.
  • Adults are out of space. Every room is in use on Sunday for multiple hours. Some Groups are forced to meet off-campus at the YMCA or in staff offices.
  • The parking lots are designed to accommodate 2,000 people and are an immediate frustration for visiting guests during popular service hours.

In a Word

Great Commission
Engaging Our Community
Next Generation
Equipping More People for the Work of Ministry
Room to Grow
All Generations
In Reach
Next Step of Faith
Shoulders to Stand On

We Pray...

We, First Cleveland, above all else, would be a church that is consistently and passionately centered on Jesus Christ.

We consistently ask for The Holy Spirit’s leading in every action of this Phase Two project, and that the leadership of our church will remain sensitive to His direction.

The hearts and minds of all First Baptist Family would seek God’s leadership to be ready to respond to what God is doing through each of our lives during this exciting season.

Each of us would take steps to trust God more with our time, talents, and treasure to be maximized for the cause of Christ – across the streets, across the states, and across the seas.

Our faith would be strengthened and that we would grow spiritually united as individuals, as families, and as a church family, to fulfill God’s vision together.

All of the funds needed to complete the Phase Two vision would be provided and blessed by God, and that those blessings flow to this and future generations.

Many people would put their faith in Jesus Christ and grow in their relationship with him as a direct result of the intentional ministry and expanded resources given through the Generations Phase Two Campaign.